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My goal is for this site to be the place you go to get your daily dose of gaming news, collectibles, gadgets and other cool stuff. If you like it I’ll be a very happy camper if you share it on social media, comment on the posts, or just simply stay an active visitor. That’ll make me psyched to keep going.

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Daniel is the creator of geekindeed, and not surprisingly a huge geek himself. He’s living in Stockholm, Sweden with his girlfriend and his evil cat Salahuddin. When he’s not working as a network engineer for a large ISP over there he’s most probably hanging around by the computer, either gaming or aimlessly browsing the web.

As far as he can remember he’s always loved stuff that might be considered geeky and/or nerdy. Everything from gaming (it all started with his mom buying a NES and beating Super Mario Bros when he was asleep – very traumatic) to collecting stuff (action figures, figurines, game memorabilia, etc).

Gaming alias: Werner
Favorites: Blizzard games, Lego, miniature orcs, Star Wars, tacos, spooning, and Cisco routing.

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