I love the Starcraft universe, so what would be better than collectible miniatures featuring our Terran, Zerg and Protoss friends? Probably not much. Unfortunately, Blizzard still hasn’t teamed up with a good manufacturer so for now dreams will be dreams.

Actually, at one point in the early 2000s, minis were on their way to happening. I kid you not! These are real miniatures, licensed by Blizzard and manufactured by Wizards of the Coast. Here they are, on display on Gencon in Wisconsin, USA. Wow… I really want that Hydralisk. Like really really.

Oh well. Easy come, easy go. We’ll have to make do with these custom made ones.¬†Here’s a nice Terran marine sculpt by a guy called¬†Artem Deev.


Or these 3D printed ones! Perhaps not as detailed, but still pretty darn good. I like the different paint jobs, resembling Tychus, Raynor (looks greenish to me though, not sure why), General Warfield and two grunts. I actually bought five of these for myself a long time ago, but ended up just painting one because I… Well, I suck at painting miniatures.


Another idea is to paint the figures from the Starcraft board game. Ah, the reavers. My favorite!


Into a more cartoonish style? Check these out.

And as an honorable mention: This battlefield made from only Lego bricks!