mass-effect-reaper-replicaWhen I moved to my new apartment – which is about 6 months ago – I had to sell one of my most precious collectibles, namely my Sovereign Reaper Replica statue from Mass Effect. It was simply too big, and too clunky to take with me. So it had to go.

I loved it! Since the reapers are the coolest things about the Mass Effect series you can guess why I wanted one in my bookshelf.

Too soften the blow, at least I made a nice profit on it. Bought it for 250 dollars in a swedish online store, and then sold it on ebay for 900.

It still kind of hurts though. I hope I can get it again sometime. Or even better – they could make a new Reaper replica based on the destroyers (the smaller ones).

Do it Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles or any other good manufacturer!