It’s finally in place, my new Maxnomic gaming chair (bought from Needforseat)! I received it two days ago. After a minor error from the post office, a very tattooed man dropped off a huge package – with my chair in it obviously. After using it pretty extensively I’m ready to do a little mini-review.

The good

  • This chair just says the word quality. Just by looking at it, I know it won’t break any time soon.
  • It was pretty easy to put together (even though the instructions were rubbish). It took me about 40 minutes, and that’s including one time when I put one of the screws in the wrong place. By some divine miracle, I found the wrong one on my first try, without having to unscrew everything. We recommend you to navigate to this website for more information on the latest gaming news and more.

The Average

  • I feel the seat is a bit harder than my old IKEA chair (which is surprisingly fluffy and airy). I might just need some more accustoming, so no worries.
  • I paid about $350 for the chair. That’s not cheap. Just saying.

The Bad

  • The included build instructions were in German. Not English. Needforseat may be a German company, but they have both an american and a European site. I’ve seen how they have English instructions for chairs shipped to USA, so why not include an English one for non German speaking countries? Instead they refer to their online manual, but it just seems lazy not to add an English paper one.
  • The armrests are definitely the weak link here. They wiggle and feel less premium than the rest of the chair. Also, the outsides of the armrests are curved and smooth but the insides are angular, which is uncomfortable if you rest your arms a bit more narrowly than intended.

All in all, I think it was worth the money. Here’s a before/after pic: