Various gamers are talking about rumours regarding a possible Diablo 4 revelation at Blizzcon this year. The youtuber Rhykker has found an interesting detail in a dice. Yup, a dice.

So here’s the story: You could pre-order some Blizzcon loot from the Blizzard web store, where a small D4 dice was included. D4 means a dice with four sides. D4 also means Diablo 4. But that’s not all. On one of the sides, where it was supposed to say “1”, had instead a 4 printed. So two sides had a 1 and one side had a 4. 4/11. November 4, when Blizzcon 2016 starts.

To add to the conspiracy, former employees and Diablo 2 developers David Brevik and Bill Roper has posted twitter pictures of themselves outside the Blizzard HQ.

What are your thoughts about this? Too farfetched? Could be. Personally I was hoping for a Warcraft 4 instead… I hope the RTS days aren’t over.