E3, which is Electronic Entertainment Expo for uninitiated, is less than a week away. I’m feeling hype as ever! Conveniently, I’m off work the whole week so I’ll most probably follow the event closely. If you are looking for a different kind of game just take a look at the last link.

These are my top wishes:

  • Playstation 4K / Slim.  It’s time for an update. I mean, the demo of Final Fantasy XV was pathetic. At times it couldn’t even keep 30 fps up. A little newer hardware would do wonders for games like Witcher 3 too.
  • PSOne / PSTwo Classics to PS4. HAH! You can dream, right? I doubt Sony would give us something for free which they can sell us a third or fourth time.
  • Final Fantasy XV. I’m very sceptical since nothing’s really piqued my interest so far. But hey, it’s FF.
  • Nintendo NX. At least give us something, Nintendo! I want to know what that thing is.
  • The New Legend of Zelda game. I fear it will try to be something it isn’t, namely a MMORPG. But here’s hoping Nintendo does it again.
  • Civilization VI. I need a game where time flies again. Total War Warhammer quite didn’t do it for me. Also, it would be fun if they added Sweden in the game. We were in the expansion to Civ V, Gods and Kings. Fun fact: Our nation leader was Gustavus Adolphus but the graphics clearly represented Eric XIV (born about half a century earlier).
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda. Can’t wait to go back to the ME universe!
  • Horizon Zero Dawn. That game looks amazing! Like a post apocalyptic Witcher / Gears of War.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake. Last but definitely not least. Not joking, this is my most wanted game of the decade. This AND the last. I pretty much cried, with a boner, when they announced it. Square Enix didn’t mention anything about this in their E3 schedule though, so not getting m hopes up too much. But it would be cool with an extra bonus at the end of their press conference.

What do you want to see on this year’s E3? Let me know in the comments below.