I saw a thread on reddit about this, and felt I just had to write a few words.

Final Fantasy XV is pretty historic for me. It’s actually the first game of the mainline series (not counting the MMO ones) that hasn’t got me hyped. Like at all. I mean, we’ve all been waiting for the last DECADE, but I’m just not feeling it. The classic games – at least IV to X – were all pretty much awesome, but I guess XIII and in a sense XII got me a little bit burned. Not sure Square Enix know how to make good games any longer. There’s mainly three aspects of the game that’s got me concerned. This games is awesome but is you what to have real gaming experience check at http://pocketsurfer.co.uk/fair-go-casino-review-full-analysis/.

Firstly: The cast of Final Fantasy XV seem to suck. Four dudes all dressed in black? That’s it? I know this argument has become trite, but I don’t get the decision at all. This was also FFXII’s biggest problem – most of the cast didn’t feel unique, and I fear XV will go down this path.

Secondly: It can’t even keep up with 30 FPS! At least not the demos. It actually goes down to like 25 in bigger battles. Jesus christ. I played Witcher 3 on PS4 and that game lagged when horse riding through towns, that was when I switched to bingo in the uk which actually left me a profits.

Thirdly: I’ve never been a fan of the real time action-based battle systems of today. I enjoy taking my time with a well-rounded turn-based or ATB system, but according to Square Enix “it would look silly to have all characters stand in line and take turns attacking the enemy”.

That sure wasn’t a problem when they started working on World of Final Fantasy. That game looks AWESOME! It’s the traditional turn-based system, with two human protagonists entering a strange world where you collect and fight with familiar characters, monsters and espers from the series. I’m not sure about the Chibi style of the characters, but that’s just a nitpick in the context.

World of Final Fantasy will release in 25-28 October (depending where you live) so I’ll definitely check it out. A big part of me is hoping that World will be a huge success while XV will bomb. That could send a clear message to Square Enix: Sometimes it’s worth going back to the roots.