Oooh, the hype! Blizzard just teased on Twitter that my favorite orc warlock – just as rumored here – will be next in Heroes of the Storm. Being of the most anticipated heroes of all time, I can’t wait to get my hands on him.

So, according to the 4chan leak, this will be his kit (with my guesses):

Q: Hand of Gul’dan – A skillshot which deals damage and slows.
W: Chaotic energy – A (maybe passive) regeneration ability for mana?
E: Rain of fire – Like Blizzard but larger radius and lower damage.
Trait: Drain life – I’m guessing Gul’dan, just like the warlock power in Hearthstone, can sacrifice his own life in order to more damage. A bit like Kael’s verdant spheres, but perhaps better since there’s a risk involved.
Heroic: Life tap – A slowly draining one-vs-one ability?
Heroic: Fear – Probably makes all nearby enemy heroes be uncontrollable for a few seconds, automatically running in the opposite direction of Gul’dan.

We’ll certainly know more shortly.