In the upcoming major patch, Heroes of the Storm will finally get Unranked Draft, a feature much begged for by fans. Up until now, the only way to play draft mode is by playing ranked. If you want to chill and play for fun you’re stuck with Quickmatch – where, of course, all teams and heroes are random and you might be screwed over by the match making.

Unranked draft mode will, as expected, feature bans and turn-based hero picks just like the ranked one. The difference is that it will have its own MMR (the score which determines how good of a player you are, and who you’ll be matched against) and no party restrictions. So you’re once again free to play in a a party of three or four players!

Personally this isn’t for me. I prefer quick match if I’m playing with people I don’t know and/or who are rubbish at the game. Otherwise I feel you might as well play ranked (especially with the rewards incoming). I fear this will only dilute the player base and cause the already long wait times to be even longer.