According to an anonymous source posting at 4chan, we have some pretty nice stuff coming soon in Heroes of the Storm.

Hey, new stuff on the way:

Gul’dan – probably around the movie release. His main trait is sacrificing life to do extra damage, then stealing life
Samuro – blademaster with stealth
Auriel – D3 angel with a resurrect ally ability
Varian – typical WoW warrior build with charge, taunt and a cleanse

Skins: Volleyball Li-Ming, Mystic Kingdom Arthas, Mechalord Gazlowe
Maps: 2 SC2 ones, Braxis Holdout (take objectives to send zerg swarm) and Warhead Junction (collect nuclear power items to send nukes)
Mounts: Red Hare, Gyrocopter

“Meh, why trust a random weirdo on 4chan?” you might say, and I would’ve agreed if I didn’t know that he’s been 100% accurate in his earlier predictions. Check the link, he (or she) has predicted ALL heroes (and most skins) since last Blizzcon, days or weeks before they were announced. That’s right – Cho’gall, Lunara, Greymane, Xul, Li-Ming, and Chromie. I strongly believe this is a person working at Blizzard.

Blademaster HYPE!