The successor to the critically acclaimed game of 2015, Pillars of Eternity, is in development. This was pretty much confirmed by the Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart, in an interview during the Digital Dragons 2016 conference in Krakow, Poland.

Eternity II is not announced, it seems silly for me not to acknowledge it, though. If someone asks: “Are you working on it?”, I respond: “Well, wouldn’t you work on it?”. So then they say: “So you must be working on it”, and then I’m like: “Well, yeah”.

He also said that the new game most likely will be crowdfunded.

Obviously, as you’ve probably guessed, we’re starting to move forward on Eternity II. That is probably something that we want to look at. I think people felt like we delivered on our promise, and then that felt like we could go with Eternity II and people would support us again, because they trust us.

And that’s a thing I’m not really a fan of. Wasn’t the first game a success? Didn’t they get a lot of money for it? Obsidian Entertainment isn’t exactly a small player, so why do they need crowdfunding?

I mean, I’m always happy if developers keep pumping out good games, but shouldn’t crowdfunding really only be for small startup projects?