The details of the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition (for the PS4) have been released, and it’s only available from the Square Enix Online Store. It seems the edition will include an unique pop-up book with a space for the game case, three chibi-style (love it or hate it) mini figurines in the form of Cloud, Lightning and Sephiroth.

In terms of digital content we’ll get to summon Sephiroth, a Red Bonnetberry (which seems to be a female version of a tonberry), a White Chocobo, and a Glow Moogle. Besides that, we also get the usual mildly interesting stuff that most will ignore: The original soundtrack and an 80-page artbook.

(There’s also a standard edition, a Day One edition with the digital content, and a Limited Edition with the digital content + the artbook.)

The game will release in North America on October 25, then in Europe on October 28 and last but not least Japan on October 29.