logitech-c922-400x400Here’s the latest thing from our friends from Logitech – their new webcam C922. Här är det senaste från våra vänner på Logitech – webbkameran C922, which is the successor to the critically acclaimed C920.

The camera is specifically suited to professional streamers, since it can handle 60 fps in 720p (and 30 fps in 1080p). Also, it’s got a built-in chroma key (a feature to make the background turn transparent). Before, this was only possible with a green screen, but now it happens automagically with no such tools.

I personally tested out the chroma key for a bit, and it’s actually working pretty ok! The background disappears in a natural looking way, and it works as expected. It’s a bit on the sluggish side though. If I quickly move my arm, the feature kind of can’t keep up, so the background is revealed for a split second. Also, I have my camera on my left hand side which makes the distance measuring system to amputate my left arm. Oh well, you can’t get it all.

Except these minor flaws the camera’s absolutely great. The picture quality is even better than C920, so I recommend it strongly.