Holy crap, it’s finally coming!

According to a FCC document, the Shield Portable will get a successor, and since the FCC are set to reveal product images on January 2017, this means it will be in stores before christmas of 2016.

What’s so great about the Shield Portable? Isn’t it just another Android device? NO! Since it’s got a built in controller, it’s not just suited – it’s MEANT – for gaming. Think about it as an Android 3DS/Vita, with a lot more power. And because of it, it’s probably the best emulation device I’ve ever used. It handles everything from NES to PSX without breaking a sweat, and with a much longed for upgrade, it should be able to play at least Gamecube and PS2 flawlessly. As of yet we don’t know much more than that it will feature a 6 inch (probably at least 1080p) screen, but I’ll be damn sure to keep my eyes open for more info.

Fricking sweet!