I bought a new Steelseries Rival 300 the other day, after my old Rival (the original), had its side padding worn down to the bone. Probably the best mouse I’ve ever owned; perhaps tied with the Logitech G5.

After a while the mouse started disconnecting in the middle of games. I lost Heroes of the Storm-games to this! I got a little flak, to say the least, when my Chromie just stood there in the middle of a huge team fight. And even though I work in IT, the cause wasn’t crystal clear to me. I also bought an Xbox One controller for my PC, to use with old JRPGs and such, AND changed settings in the game about the same time the problem started. So anything could’ve been the source, really. But I should have known.

After some googling I found out there’s actually a known issue with this particular mouse. It was an easy fix though: I downloaded the latest Steelseries Engine, updated the mouse drivers, and boom – no more disconnects.