Here’s the thing: I’m a huge Star Wars Lego fan. I own most of the “Ultimate Collector Series” models, even the UCS Millennium Falcon which costs several thousand dollars today – if found unopened. Well, now I’ve found something that surpasses it: The Imperial Star Destroyer “Tyrant” – A ginormous Star Destroyer – far bigger than the ordinary UCS one from 2002. Things like this make me wish I was an eccentric billionaire, so I could fill my mansion with enormous Star Wars models in Lego.

In the image above it’s featured next to the regular playset version (75055). It’s over 56 inches / 1,4 meters long, which is 35% more than Lego’s official version. Unfortunately it doesn’t


Fun fact: The Tyrant was the Star Destroyer which were shot by the ion cannon during the battle of Hoth. Its commander uttered the famous line “Good, our first catch of the day” before his ship was disabled and drifted away.


Nice shot of the rear (that’s what she said). I would’ve personally have preferred some lit up thrusters, but stilll very well done.


If you open the bridge cover you see two commanding officers and a few of the other operations crew. It isn’t near minifigure scale, but to be fair that would need for the ship to be the size of an entire house.

Removing the roof of the main part reveals the third level of the Star Destroyer, which – among other things – consists of the conference room. This is where the officers and sith lords come to argue, force strangle each other, and just chill. There’s also a meditation chamber and the mandatory hologram of the Emperor.


After removing the next layer, we have second level. This houses the engineering and operations sections, gunnery stations, an armory (bottom left), and a medical bay (top left).


There’s even a cafeteria! That’s right, stormtroopers need to eat too!


Last but not least, removing the last bit of the ship reveals a cargo bay with two TIE Interceptors, four probe droids, and shuttle.

Source: Imgur