Friends! I’ve finally decided to abandon my old IKEA chair, anno circa 1998. It may look OK on the picture, but looking closely… not so much. Scuffed on the headrest, wheels which no longer roll, and just soiled general, after years of – eh, nevermind. Anyway, I want a new one.

So base on slotzo review, I think I’m gonna go for a Maxnomic Pro-Chief TBE (Total Black Edition, not Tick-Borne Encephalitis). What do you think?

Final Fantasy XV is pretty historic for me. It’s actually the first game of the mainline series (not counting the MMO ones) that hasn’t got me hyped. Like at all. I mean, we’ve all been waiting for the last DECADE, but I’m just not feeling it. The classic games – at least IV to X – were all pretty much awesome, but I guess XIII and in a sense XII got me a little bit burned. Not sure Square Enix know how to make good games any longer. There’s mainly three aspects of the game that’s got me concerned. This games is awesome but if you want to have real gaming experience check at Looking for licensed online casinos with upgraded security measures, you may look at this casino sites for more info!

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